Social State, 2018 | Alishia Farnan

Alishia Farnan lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. She received a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Photography from The Glasgow School of Art in 2015. Her work observes the ‘every day’, it pays particular attention to social architecture and its place in society. She co-founded the curatorial project Peach Estate in 2016, showcasing artists from around the world.

We asked Alishia about her series ‘Social State’.

“Born and raised in the west of Scotland, I grew up in an area that has a history steeped in the steel and coal industries. Generations of families live closely together in neighbourhoods and community spirit is fundamental to the area.

Men from these areas traditionally socialised in buildings based on their current or former profession – working men’s clubs were ‘the’ place to be. Weddings, funerals, christenings, birthdays were/are hosted in these multi purpose buildings.

Over the past twenty years, as traditions have changed, these buildings have become haunts for older generations instead of appealing to the younger crowds – many have fallen into financial hardship and have closed their doors. ‘Social State’ seeks to document these historic buildings before the social landscape changes beyond recognition.”

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One thought on “Social State, 2018 | Alishia Farnan

  1. I absolutely love this project. I have many happy memories of what was my local social club – The Greenfield, Burnbank, Hamilton. It’s very sad that the tradition hasn’t continued and that they are falling in to disrepair and/or closing down. Much used community spaces that were well used and well thought of – a true sense of community spirit.
    It’s good to see they are being documented for history. Well done !


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