Point-to-Point, 2017 | Iona Nicoll

Iona is a photographer specialising in countryside life style and portraiture. She has explored a number of avenues including interiors, styled portraits and reportage.

We asked Iona about some of her most recent reportage work.

“Point-to-Point is a form of amateur horse racing that is considered to be a very traditional British countryside sport. I have been building on this body of work since the start of the point-to-point season in November. My aim was to capture all the different aspects of the sport and the type of characters involved; whether that be the ‘goers’, the stewards or the owners. The observational shots build a picture of the exciting atmosphere and an insight into unusual countryside scenes.”

For more of Iona’s work, go to www.ionanicoll.co.uk

All images and text © Iona Nicoll











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