Familiar, 2018 | Chloe Davies

Chloe is a documentary photographer based in Wales, UK. Chloe is interested in the function of family, communities, and more broadly, British society. She specifically explores the ways in which relationships, identity, class and value systems manifest themselves in both our individual and interrelated behaviour.

Chloe is a recent BA Documentary Photography & Photojournalism graduate from Swansea College of Art. She is now studying an MA in Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales. Chloe has been exhibited in the UK, receiving an honourable mention from the Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage awards 2018 for her project ‘Familiar’ in the final year of her BA degree.

We spoke to Chloe about her series ‘Familiar’.

“My ongoing documentary series, ‘Familiar’, explores themes such as relationships, the domestic space and dysfunction within the family unit. The work originated from contemplation of the family photography album: how it presents an idealised (and ideological) social construct and how this related to the artist’s own experience.

As a passive yet astute observer of family life, I acknowledge the domestic space as both chaotic and mundane. Furthermore, through an affectionate yet critical lens, I highlight these contradictions as important attributes of family life.”

To see more of Chloe’s work, go to www.chloealexandraphoto.com

All images and text © Chloe Davies










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