Emily, 2018 | Noemi Filetti

Noemi, originally born in Italy, is currently studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at The University of Gloucestershire. She prefers to define herself as a “storyteller” rather than a photographer and her projects are mainly based on people and street documentary – primarily focusing on portraits. With a keen interest in the relationship between people and the environment, she has currently started a series about self-sufficient communities that she aims to turn into a long-term project.

We asked Noemi about her latest series.

“The story of my project is based on Emily Dukes – an eleven year old girl who has an autistic younger brother. She is recognised as a young carer and I am collaborating with a local charity that is supporting her. The series shows how Emily’s life is shaped by the conditions of her brother – documenting the impact on her personality, hobbies, interests and relationships.

Every aspect of her life is affected by her responsibility as a young carer but the aim of my work is to not show her life as a negative but to communicate a positive story of a young girl overcoming life obstacles through her power and efforts.”

To see more of Noemi’s work, visit her website at www.noemifiletti.wixsite.com/inexplore

All images and text © Noemi Filetti










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