Bristol Streets, 2018 | Daniel Jack Waite

Daniel Jack Waite is a young documentary portrait photographer currently based in the South West of England. His work explores his interest in people and individuals who stand out.

We asked Daniel about his most recent series.

“‘Bristol Streets’ is a series that explores the individuality and character of a rapidly changing city, based in the South West of the UK, as it evolves along with the rest of the UK. The series is an intimate view of Bristol, focusing on place and people who choose to express their individual personalities through their fashion, appearance and mannerisms. The images represent how colourful and unique the city is and showing what it is that makes Bristol, Bristol.”

To see more of Jack’s work, visit

All images and text © Daniel Jack Waite


Vauxhall Bridge

Broad Quay

Hassell Dr

Corn St

Leighton Rd

Penn St

Montpelier Park

St John's Rd

St Nicholas St

Union St



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