Soulmate, 2018 | Charlotte Colenutt

Charlotte is a documentary photographer currently based in the South West of England. Her recent project, ‘Soulmate’, documents NGO Odanadi in Mysore, South India.

We asked Charlotte to tell us more about Odanadi.

“Odanadi was founded 26 years ago by two young journalists, Stanly K.V and Parashuram, after meeting with a prostituted women called Radhamma. “We will never forget the moment Radhamma asked us, ‘Do you think any woman would choose this life?’ We discovered that many women were trading sex in exchange for a bowl of rice to feed their children – not through choice. Her words haunted us for days. We couldn’t shake the feeling that we should be trying to help give these women and their children the chance of a better future – and Odanadi blossomed from there.” Stanly and Parashu have been involved in the rescue of 4,200 women and children from traffickers.”

To see more of Charlotte’s work, visit

All images and text © Charlotte Colenutt


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